President Message May 2015

Hello and Welcome to the all new RCMS website!!

I would first, like to acknowledge the hard work put in by Glen Barrow to update our site and bring the site into the modern and exciting time of our society and into the future.

I would also like to congratulate the amazing cast and crew from the show “Gershwin: A Musical Journey”. As the Musical Director and Arranger for this show, it was amazing to see the music come alive on the Mildura Arts Centre stage and those in attendance truly felt like that they were joining us on that journey. Congratulations to the cast and also to Pam Bradley for all of her hard work in bringing it all together for the stage.

Sadly for us, One of our major sponsors for this and other shows, Win Television, has closed its bureau in Mildura as of this week. I would like to personally thank them for the coverage that you have provided in the arts in this region for well over half a century. Your effort to bring the local news that matters will be missed but I know greater things await all of you.

The Society has a long history and one which has provided a wide and varied selection of shows to be performed to audiences throughout our Mallee region.

This is set to continue as we launch into the classic “My Fair Lady”. This show is a true classic!!! I wish Kelly Morrison and his team the best as they tackle this wonderful production and hope to see as many people as possible come and support the show.


It has been discovered that the Audition Registration Form available on the RCMS link states that the role of Eliza has been pre-cast. This is an error!!

We borrowed this form from another company and it was not edited correctly before it was posted.

Again the role of Eliza has not been pre-cast! Auditions are open to one and all and we sincerely apologise for any confusion or inconvenience caused. Please contact me if you need any further assistance. See you at auditions on Sunday.




RCMS’ My Fair Lady – Auditions – Thursday & Sunday


Please Note there has been a correction to the information form on the website. It is now correct!

Looking forward to seeing everyone audition on Sunday!

No parts have been given to anyone!

Auditions – Audition Info

Location the Power House on Hugh King Drv!

Thursday from 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Sunday from 1pm – 8pm