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Vale Betty Lister

The Red Cliffs Musical Society community was saddened on the weekend to hear of the passing of Life Member (2001) Betty Lister.

Many will know Betty as one half of an amazing partnership who along with her husband Bill contributed hugely to the success of many of the shows from the mid 70’s right up until now.

When you think of a Society that has a 77 year history, over 125 shows and a member base that ranges in age from children right up to the 90’s you have to recognise that before a lot of the current membership, people were actively paving a course for the younger members by hard work, dedication and at times taking risks. Betty was one of these people and along with Bill, have left a lasting legacy that younger members can look up to and aspire to be like.

Betty began her involvement with the society in 1974, although she was a taxi mum for her young son who was performing in shows a couple of years before that.

During her membership in the society, her roles were varied and Betty was very happy to serve in whatever capacity to make a show or the just the society in general a success.

Betty started her involvement in the society as a chorus member, lending her soprano voice to support many a lead. This is a place where many people start and is a great place to meet people and get to know how the society runs. It is here that Betty fostered many of the friendships that have become lifelong and close.

From the chorus, Betty developed her passion and began branching out into other areas of the society.

During her time in the society, Betty was a great assistance to costume personnel and continued contributing to this part of the society by doing a range of jobs in costumes for many Pantomimes. She also prompted, worked on scenery, was always at the forefront of organizing and assisting with social events for RCMS, was always there for Powerhouse cleanups, helped with organising the Christmas party BBQ’s. If something needed to be done, Betty was always first in line to help and assist in any way possible.

Betty was given the role of wardrobe mistress after some time with the society and successfully did this role for a number of years up until just a few years ago. Many a show was successful in the wardrobe department because of Betty’s attention to detail and knowledge of costume design, colour and wardrobe matching and her trained skills in repair and adjustment. This role also led to Betty being a member of the committee for a number her years.

During her committee tenures, Betty served diligently by up filling many roles and being a voice for the society on a number of major issues that have shaped the societies standing in the community to this day. For her efforts and outstanding contribution to the arts and the society, Betty joined her husband Bill who was awarded a life membership in 1995 by being awarded her own life membership in 2001 making her the 32nd recipient of this award since its inception in 1962. A worthy recipient and another example of how Bill and Betty worked together as a formidable team for the society.

Bill and Betty stepped down from active committee duties following the 2013 AGM but have continued to be influential as Life members in the society. Keeping Committee accountable and making sure that the history of the society and its involvement in the community was passed down to younger and newer members.

I am so pleased to also recognise the amazing contribution that Betty (and Bill) made to the success of our new Arts Centre and also the success of our first production on the newly finished stage by helping out in the front of house during our staging of Chicago as well as many of our shows up until this year.

Betty made an outstanding contribution not only to the practical aspects of the society, but also to the members young and old. Her honesty, work ethic, love of seeing people look and perform their best and her diligence in doing her job are all aspects to be commended, respected and to be aspired to.

Betty has now joined many past members in the world of heavenly theatre. Her contribution and legacy is now forever in the hearts and minds of all who have been impacted by Betty.

To Bill and your family. The Society not only offer our sympathies and thoughts to you at this time.

To Betty, thank you for your outstanding contribution over many years, may you now know peace more than you could ever have imagined.


Vale Betty Lister.


Funeral Details:

Time: 1pm Wednesday 21st October 2015

Location: Sunraysia Funerals

*This will be followed by a graveside committal at Nichols Point Lawn Cemetery and a reception following the committal will be held at the Irymple Masonic Centre (15th Street)



Rehearsals for chorus members underwaypuss header-01IMG_1139

A great first rehearsal to all the chorus members today. It was great to see so many returning faces and also a great number of new cast.

With Steve and Isaac at  the helm we are assured of a fantastic pantomime! Keep up the enthusiasm and fun and have a great rehearsal season.

We will be checking in periodically with updates as rehearsals progress.





The first two rehearsals have been completed with the lead characters for the production of PUSS IN BOOTS.

Rehearsals begin for all chorus members this Sunday at 1pm at the Powerhouse.


(L – R) Paige Lang – Princess Florabunda, Peter Lang – King Egbert, Dylan Watson – Harry, Trudi Louchard – Witch Hazelwood, Sophie Mouskovias – Puss, Bill Lewis – Chancellor Chizzelwit, Kane Hudson – Queen Hortense

Puss In Boots Pantomime Cast Announced!

Hello everyone, thank you all for your patience Over the last few days of auditions, it’s certainly been a very interesting and challenging process to get the character mix right. With that it gives me the greatest of pleasures to introduce you all to our new Puss in Boots cast.

Harry, the millers son. Congratulations goes to Dylan Watson.

King Egbert : the hen pecked husband. Congratulations to Peter Lang.

Queen Hortense : the VERY bossy dame. Congrats to Kane Hudson.

Princess Florabunda :The beautiful princess. A big warm welcome to the lead character to Paige Lang.

Chancellor Chizzelwit : congratulations to Bill Lewis.

Witch Hazelwood, congratulations goes to Trudi Louchard.

And finally to the character of PUSS.
Congratulations goes to Sophie Mouskovias, you bought sass and personality to the character making her come alive. Thankyou.

Congratulations to everyone, you have all done exceptionally well, I thank you all for your time in coming to audition and look forward to making this pantomime as good as the last.

A special mention goes out to everyone else that auditioned for character roles, you all had your own personality to add to the mix and for that we thankyou.

I look forward to seeing all characters at our very first rehearsal Monday 5th October and my magnificent chorus cast on the Sunday.

Thank You

Steve Prescott063743e3-e8d5-4d50-ad4e-d2c36cee8fe7

Puss In Boots Information


Sunday 20th September

12:30pm -1:00pm       Lead characters

1:00pm – 1:30pm        Chorus group audition*

1:30pm – 4:00pm        Lead characters

Monday 21st September

7:30pm – 9:30pm        Lead characters


Please come between these times. Auditions should take about 10 minutes. You may be asked to wait in a cue.

* Chorus audition is not mandatory but would assist the directors for smaller vocal parts and voice types

** If you absolutely cannot make these times to audition for a lead character, please contact Steve to arrange an alternative.


For vocal auditions please bring sheet music for the accompanist and preferably a character song to get a feel of how you handle a character. (no costume)

For the acting audition you will be given a passage from the script of the character you are auditioning for to cold read.


The rehearsal seasons starts on Monday 5th October. Rehearsals are Monday, Thursday and Sunday. It is planned to just run the chorus and children’s chorus rehearsals on Sunday afternoon only for most of the season. Leads will be required Monday and Thursday evenings.

This may be subject to change, but enough notice will be given of a change.


Performances are Thursday 14th through Saturday 16th January 2016. 4 Performances in total.

Puss in Boots will be performed in the St. Joeseph’s Mercy Theatre on 11th St and Riverside Ave.


RCMS membership runs from the start of October until the end of September.

All memberships are up for renewal even if you have just paid to be in the cast for My Fair Lady.

ADULT $25 membership + $20 show levy. ($45)

JUNIORS/ASSOCIATES 16yrs and under $20 membership + $15 show levy. ($35)

To be paid to Treasurer Bill Lewis at rehearsal as soon as possible.

My Fair Lady is in the theatre!


Monday evening saw Red Cliffs Musical Society take the stage for the first full dress rehearsal in the Mildura Arts Centre. Final touches are being made to the show so that everything is 100% for opening night this Thursday.

It was wonderful to see all the amazing costumes (by the fantastic Sharon Riley) under the bright stage lights! It really makes the whole show come together and helps lift the cast into their roles.

Tickets are available from the Mildura Arts Centre and also from the box office before the performances.

Thursday 10th 7:30pm

Friday 11th 7:30pm

Saturday 2:00pm & 7:30pm

Sunday 2:00pm.

PRICES – Full $28, Concession/Student $22, Family of 4 $88, Children U12 $22.


Puss In Boots Character List

Hello everyone
Please see attached character list for our upcoming show Puss In Boots.

Puss in Boots Characters

My Fair Lady Countdown Is On!

Poster MFL 2015 Final1 sm



This wonderful classic musical is on the way to the Mildura Arts Centre from the wickedly creative production team of the Red Cliffs Musical Society led by Kelly Morrison.

This show has been years in the making with 2015 being where all the marbles fell into place.

Leading lady Kerryn Taylor and local theatre legend Peter Lang along with 35 ensemble actors and 10 musicians have been rehearsing for 4 months to bring this classic musical to life.

Opening on Thursday 10th of September at the Mildura Arts Centre, followed by shows on the 11th, 12th and 13th ensure that there is plenty of chance to be in the audience.

Tickets are available at the Mildura Arts Centre, either online or in person. Tickets will also be available at the box office before each performance.

Please come along, or pass the word around to people that might be interested.

LIKE us on FACEBOOK and keep up to date with all our performances in the future!



My Fair Lady 2015

Poster MFL 2015 Final1 sm

Grab your tickets now!